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September 05, 2012, 04:46

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Why do humans have different blood types? And do other mammals have different blood types as well?

Why is it that any criticism of evolution automatically makes its believers jump to attacking the Bible?

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I think after Luke's daddy lost the Clone Wars, he just needed an excuse to get us all tangled up in a new war. I mean, has anybody stopped to think about WHY we're involved in Hoth? It's not even remotely important to anyone. But it sure has lots of space oil underneath those icebergs.

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If I wanted to lose my IQ I'd just listen to lil' wayne. cheap site viagra Nope. The Minnesota transracial adoption study proved that the racial IQ gaps are mostly the result of inherited genetics and not environmental factors.

I got diabetus so I have to wake up at roughly the same time everyday for breakfast, 7am weekdays 8am weekends. And sometimes I wake up 2 minutes before my alarm

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A number representing a person's reasoning ability (measured using problem-solving tests) as compared to the statistical norm or average.

IQ is not absolute Intelligence. The only reason it can be more difficult to raise is it is comprised of many skillsets. The brain is not a computer it is capable of developing itself just like a muscle. You can argue that genetics can limit this but other than critical brain disorders there are no known cases of "My brain is full I can't learn or improve anymore"

Why do we have migrans?

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Cornelius you are so wise! I want to be like you. I want to put my pee-pee in the poo-poo hole. How many IQ points do I have to drop to be that ignorant? How many IQ points do I have to then drop so as to make a commercial regarding the sanctity of the act?

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