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December 02, 2012, 18:11

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I'm currently trying to decode this message, it may mean something important. It'll probably be fully decoded in a couple years. Wish me good luck! :)

Ok i have a question and i wanted to know if you can make a video about the topic. I have been wondering if the telekinesis is possible and if it is, what happens in our brain. I will really like do know if it's possible to do.


this seams like a joke to me, just because i have such high iq. cheap soft tab viagra

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1.Go to app store cheap soft tab viagra The science behind homosexuality, transsexuals etc. What makes them this way?


I heard the rebels forced their way in with lightsaber the size of a box cutter

I work nights. My sleeping cycle is 3 hours. I realized that when I am really sleepy, a good one hour sleep in better than 5-6 hours when not so tired. I learned to maximize- Sometimes a 20 min. nap charges me up better...Does it make any sense to you?

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Dear AS

This was revealed in 1980 and confirmed in 1983. I think this is long past the statute of limitations regarding a spoiler alert.

@daryl166 Hi it's been a long time.....yeah I'm still modeling part time

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Have you ever wondered which hurts the most: saying something and wishing you had not, or saying nothing, and wishing you had?

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@daryl166 Hi it's been a long time.....yeah I'm still modeling part time

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That was AWESOME! cheap soft tab viagra Is this some kind of conspiracy for mind control ????

if u have any OTHER questions, i will answer it.

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awsome dad

K- your the dumbass, go back to your round room so you don't get hurt

at which point does a foetus receive its soul? cheap soft tab viagra

I saw the Nexus too.... :) buying viagra Cornelius you are so wise! I want to be like you. I want to put my pee-pee in the poo-poo hole. How many IQ points do I have to drop to be that ignorant? How many IQ points do I have to then drop so as to make a commercial regarding the sanctity of the act?

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Try swallowing your food whole and let me know how that turns out for you.

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Nope. It was the driver, the Secret Service. Only the conspirators would say "look over there at the grassy knoll"... diversion

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Remember Me?

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