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December 08, 2012, 04:28

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Is this for freaking real

yea you dont need it, i agree

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Here, I can answer this one, I've been getting these a lot lately, its called a "head rush", when you're laying or sitting down, the blood in your body is distributed equally for the most part, but when you stand up quickly, the blood doesn't have time to adjust itself and gets pulled down towards your feet, causing a sudden drop in blood pressure which results in the symptoms you're describing.

that's amazing! he built you his own roller-coaster?!

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Darth Vader = George Herbert Walker Bush Sr. (aka George Herbert Walker Scherff JR), Nikola Tesla's attorney and accountant up until Tesla's death. (Wikipedia/Tesla's FBI File)


Debt Star :)

Coolest dad ever!

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This way it encapsulates all religions.

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Wat abt the short naps during day time. Are they good? generic levitra 3) The heat. Popcorn corn is special type of corn which reacts to heat the way it does. Turning into a popcorn. Why? The pressure build inside the kernel is too big for corn shell to handle so it explode, let's say it pop and that's how you get your popcorn.

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*parody, and a joke. It's not supposed to be accurate or realistic.

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Freaking awesome. I want a ride :) buy 100 mg viagra Thats awesome

Dangerous? Nonsense. The car has a harness for the kid, and retainers to keep it on the tracks. This is very well done by someone who went to a huge effort to do it right. You wish your dad did that for you!  I know I do.


Cute kid.

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