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August 19, 2012, 09:55

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Did anyone else yawn when the person drew the picture of the guy yawning ? Or is it just me ?

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White people...

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one thing tho. white and brown and black arent races. pls US americans stop using it as a racial qualification when its only a skin tone nothing else. so if u wanna use a racial types u can say caucasoid, mongoloid (east asians) and  kongoid (formerly negroid). so ure observation of browns in India has nothing to do with different race. most indians from india are still caucasoid. it is indians from america who are mongoloid and therefor mixed with caucasoid as mestizos.

Thats soooo awesome!

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why dont you make some more of the "your brain on drugs" videos? id like to see one on MDMA and amphetamines, but theres so many others. and discuss the possible neurotoxicity of them too you could even revisit alcohol for that, and the debate on weather or not marijuana (cannabinoids) are neurotoxic or neuroprotective. 

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How many of those 50 pills did ur company take because ur all stupid ass idiots generic levitra I called it didnt work...

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Kidzbop411 ummmm I don't know either but good question

No, it isn't. I forget what it is exactly, but the average global human IQ is about 90 I believe. 100 is indeed the rough global average White IQ. And I have mentioned Northeast Asians. And no, they don't have an average IQ over 120. But yes, a couple Northeast Asian countries do indeed have slightly higher average IQs than White European countries. And no, that doesn't go against my arguments. Please don't respond to my comments. I'm already overloaded with retards.

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