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August 19, 2012, 09:55

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also, you can GTFO unless you show me that study

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This id one of the funniest things I've seen on youtube in a while. levitra online That was the coolest and cutest thing!!!

Helmet shmelmet, use a helmet next time bla bla bla. Next thing you know they will want to make a law against this. Thanks totally awsome dad for being awsome . This is what america is all about ! buy prescription vaniqa viagra

The world is a much better place when you're dumb.


How many hours did he spend out there?

you're missing the important of the comment, where he calls it a stunt. Implying that there was at some point an actual explosion on a Death Star. buy prescription vaniqa viagra or

yesssss now we all can be like americans!!!!

nice for the kid nice place to make fun whit his friends

▲✔▲✔▲✔Come live with me and be my love, and we will some new pleasures prove, of golden sands, and crystal beaches, with silken lines and silver hooks.

correction: unprecedented

Lady Gaga was born that way.

The information in this video is false. Footage of Wedge Antilles "missing" exhaust port is false. Wedge never actually takes an attack run on the port, but rather acts as the rear guard for Luke throughout his run. I am truly sickened by this failed attempt at Star Wars conspiracy. Also, R2-D2 was not built by Anakin Skywalker and Leia Organa's name at the time of this attack was Leia Organa, not Leia Organa-Solo. Please get your facts straight. I'm disgusted. buy prescription vaniqa viagra

I thank thats cool dad u have alot of talent, but dont forget the helmet on the next go round buy now levitra yes, but i have a habit of splitting hairs.

you are a limited cunt mouth, I AM sorry for your ass. buy prescription vaniqa viagra But it's from the first Matrix movie

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best father ever

Then don't bother responding my comment if you don't care bitch. buy prescription vaniqa viagra

is this for real? how about the guy presenting this video take the pill? he should lower his IQ...smh buy cymbalta Also the Millenium Falcon is a FREIGHTER not a FIGHTER.

Why do our moods fluctuate so much? buy prescription vaniqa viagra Why did shoes get invented?

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for Gucci Sunglasses;

What is that kid saying


AHAHAHAHAHA buy prescription vaniqa viagra

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With all this "Proof" you have about Tesla and Starwars, you have obviously have forgotten one thing. In the beginning of every Starwars movie what are the opening lines" A LONG TIME AGO in a galaxy far far away. So if what you said is all correct.. (which it isn't at all). Essentially Tesla stole everything from the inventors within the Starwars universe. buy prescription vaniqa viagra The Minnesota transracial adoption study done in 1976 and followed up in 1996 showed that genetic and environmental factors may effect IQ and that having a white mother(non-biological) increased IQ. Show me more studies with clear evidence that one race genetically has a higher IQ than the other.

Why each time a see a cute girl I want to fuck her ..??

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Is this some kind of conspiracy for mind control ????

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