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December 21, 2012, 13:11

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翻墙来顶 路过

That's kinda the point you see. :D

Cultural priorities can explain differences.

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Guy should get the dad of the year award! Listen to that laughter. viagra online uk Nice one Graham,

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whats the science of life AKA Whats the meaning of life

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You must have taken the MinusIQ, congrats you have down syndrome

Thats so cool! I just wanna know how he bent the pvc like that

What are the "SECRET PLANS" hidden by the Rebels in Star Wars?

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for Gucci Sunglasses;

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This video is very stupid

Why do we have nightmares? buy prescription viagra

Why do teachers have "class pets"? cheap phizer viagra

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Lol at the satire

The Emperor = Prescott Bush (George Herbert Walker Scherff Sr's (Father)) funded Hitler

That's safety first redneck idiot father of the year. How stupid to put your child at risk.

Credits Vader as being the highest in command. He wasn't even in command even in a small way until Empire. buy prescription viagra

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look at me im different!


I think after Luke's daddy lost the Clone Wars, he just needed an excuse to get us all tangled up in a new war. I mean, has anybody stopped to think about WHY we're involved in Hoth? It's not even remotely important to anyone. But it sure has lots of space oil underneath those icebergs.

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Remember Me?

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