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July 05, 2012, 14:32

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Thanks Edison, evidence that the Elite had Nikola Tesla CASTRATED, so that he would not have CHILDREN to take over his fortune. That's why there is NO REAL AUDIO of Nikola Tesla's voice on the INTERNET.

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Can blind people dream?

Ideia genial pra um futuro quintal...

Does mountain dew really decrease your sperm?

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Wonderful feat of engineering, and with the safeguard that the child can't ride it without him too :) I'd have traded all my game systems to have a dad like this. Kudos!

The phaser was invented by Nikola Tesla. A device that turns your molecules out-of-phase, dustify. buy price viagra

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you must get pretty pissed off when someone tells a joke then. buy price viagra The "Proof" is at the Patent Office of Nikola Tesla's 1000+ Inventions. Please tell me just one device in Star Wars that I can't track back to a Nikola Tesla Concept, Invention or Patent?

This theory of 9/11 admits that the Death Star was destroyed by a Nikola Tesla Invention of a "EMP Torpedo", (not Fire, not TNT, not Thermite.)

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