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June 17, 2012, 07:27

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Ask your mother.

What affects does urination once, twice, THREE TIMES?! have on your sleep cycle?

Also the Millenium Falcon is a FREIGHTER not a FIGHTER.

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If by genetic factors you mean lead in water lines, soil, and air then yes, the genetic factors caused it. Allthough I would like to see how people's habitat had an affect on this. I suppose if we were to look up how much lead was in a given area, and what races of people were more likely to be in that area, we might find the cause of the "Genes."


Well I got shit to do, so this won't work. I wake up at 4 AM everyday except the weekends. Go to the gym then work and help with my family. I'm to busy do that.

@bradley168 Heyya I was just checking my dad browser history really...I am pretty sure I'm the only female around here, lol

What is an itch? Why are we compelled to scratch it? Why does it feel good?

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nah...no snooze button for me, it makes it worse....I just get up & get it over with

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Go bathe in Lysol face down.


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EDISON who didn't invent the Filament Light Bulb or DC Batteries. The Lighthouse of Alexandria in Egypt, 3400 years ago, was an Electric Light that was on 24 hours a day.


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