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November 09, 2012, 03:53

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“Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.”

@clayton637 Oh I was just spying my nephew browser history actually...I bet I'm the only woman around here, lulz


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Awesome! Thanks for making my day! buy viagra online in australia Why are there seagulls in parking lots?

So this is what the car salesman i work with are taking!!! it's no wonder why they are so stupid! cheap levitra online world's best dad award!!! :D


Is taking a nap good or bad?

As wright as a ship, matey!

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its the bodies way of getting oxygen to the brain i believe :)

During the day, you're eating, drinking, swallowing, etc. While asleep you're not doing that, so bacteria builds up in your mouth. That foul smell? Bacteria build up! BOOM.

This is what happens when you are related to phineas and ferb

to hockeyfan330.

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This may sound like a stupid question but can you actually "catch up"on sleep? buy viagra online a href Many, perhaps most people who profess to be religious feel justified in insulting those who are not.

But it's from the first Matrix movie cheap levitra online You should do one on snoring what causes it how can you stop it etc...BTW I like your vids very cool

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No. That isn't what the study showed. The study showed that the adopted black infants had the lowest average IQ, that the adopted and biological White infants had the highest average IQ and that the adopted mixed race half-White/half-black infants had IQs inbetween. This clearly proved that IQ is indeed mostly genetically inherited. Studies looking for the specific genes responsible for the widely observed racial IQ gaps were canceled because they didn't want to give aid to White Supremacists...

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Lady Gaga was born that way.

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AMAZING and as a dad myself it inspires me to wanna build for my kids.

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Thanks Edison, evidence that the Elite had Nikola Tesla CASTRATED, so that he would not have CHILDREN to take over his fortune. That's why there is NO REAL AUDIO of Nikola Tesla's voice on the INTERNET.

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