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December 21, 2012, 02:15

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The science of our faces. Tell us about our natural beauty


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Why do farts smell worse in the shower than they do out of the shower?

Sarcasm lvl: brilliant.

@lonnie961 Hey so bored today

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True, no ones battling for the "Top Spot" of IQ. Although I feel there is plenty of battle going on for the bottom spot ;P cheap site viagra

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Look at the the little girl. Her daddy is the happiest father ever!

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It's a spoof of a 9/11 conspiracy video you fool. cheap cialis online DAMN I wish you were my dad when I was a kid!!!

Makes you think :) buy cialis online @mazoom87 It's a good question, we may never know.


Very funny! Good stuff man and very well done.

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Remember Me?

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