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November 10, 2012, 20:01

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I will take two. Am I still allowed to vote or run for an office or political position after taking these pills?


Also, Jared Diamond is worth a read.

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i was expecting the kid to fall out pfft

why is the world round?

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An iq of under 80 is a mental retardation

Tesla & Colorado Experiment, 1893 - named "Ground Zero"

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A rather high proportion of whites also have access to resources nessecary to make inventions, hence most recent inventions are mostly made by white people. Hate white people? I'm white too, idiot. I only have problem with these racist making all of us look bad, like you. What gives whites right to hate others? You are saying that people of other races are violent, but you do realize, that most third world countries are like that, because of white's being violent in the past for no good reason? buy generic viagra viagra

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4) Cats land on their feet because of the so called cat rifhting reflex. The moment it start falling towards the ground it automaticaly turns towards its feet. Why? For starters they have unsually flexible backbone and no fuctional collarbone. So their back is basically like a rubber, very flexible. When? The minimum requed high for this to happen have to be around 30cm.

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- sounds like a kid from rug rats

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What is dark matter? And why does it exist buy generic viagra viagra

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your right, god created everything billions of years ago, as according to notes written thousands of years ago buy generic viagra viagra Fuck that shit D:

what the heck XD

The difference is that intelligent people provide logical reasons to justify their hatred for someone, whereas dumb people hate or dislike for implausible reasons. Carry on hating...:P

>Watches TWM

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Remember Me?

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