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December 21, 2012, 21:48

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majority of high iq people are more tolerant, just like mojority of low iq people are not tolerant.

I have the sleep cycle app. Since you move differently in different parts of you sleep cycle, it wakes you up when your body is already about to wake up within the thirty minute window you set it for. I love it, it's super easy to wake up in the morning and I don't feel like crap the rest of the day. (I also turn my phone on airplane mode to prevent cellular radiation)

At 20 seconds in he said if u notice stupid people around u, u are not stupid. Yay!! I'm not stupid

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He aready made that video :D


PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION! Does walking a mile give you the same benefit has running a mile? Because yeah, you work harder when running, but it takes shorter than walking. Whereas walking requires less energy, but it takes longer to do it. Get it? It's kinda hard to explain. THANKS! (btw this is my fourth time trying to get this comment right because I kept on hitting the "done" button by accident. Ignore all my other comments!

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This is fucking awesome

But I try to get a routine sleep schedule! I just can't!


What is the driving force behind his economy?

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Millions of White Christian Europeans were enslaved by brown skinned muslims. Yet Whites are still thriving today. Blacks being brought over to the USA as slaves was actually the best thing that ever happened to blacks. Their standards of living soared. Liberia serves as a giant test lab to see how blacks in America would live without an advanced White society to leech off of. The average person in Liberia lives on about a day and people are literally cannibalized in the streets... buy viagra online australia

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@mixaracing besides the alderan, i think the idea was in investigation from an outside perspective. So they wouldn't know all the force stuff. Like from a news report. That's why it seems like there is mistakes. Think about what he'a mocking. If we knew all the info about what really happend on 9/11 you would say that loose change has mistakes too.

Wow, the first case of MinusIQ overdose.

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