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July 15, 2012, 08:02

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Why is breastfeeding better for the baby?



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This is so cool. I wish i could have thought of this when my kids were small. Great imagination

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The English spelling is the proper way, The English people made the language its just when they went over to america they started spelling it the wrong way. Don't know why but then I don't know why the decided to rename Football, soccer. Its just plain retarded.

If by genetic factors you mean lead in water lines, soil, and air then yes, the genetic factors caused it. Allthough I would like to see how people's habitat had an affect on this. I suppose if we were to look up how much lead was in a given area, and what races of people were more likely to be in that area, we might find the cause of the "Genes."

If thats even true about Leonardo da Vinci I highly doubt his IQ would be the same by todays standards.

Depends on your initial IQ.


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Don't think they can lower the populations IQ any further. There already letting the mega banks rape them and destroy the global economy. Letting them send the world into poverty and control. How much stupid can the populous get?

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