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December 07, 2012, 03:04

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Have you ever seen "Back to the Future"?


Swallow a pack of these, visit reddit and imgur or any other internet trendy hotspot of activity, and you will still feel too smart.

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i got a bike for my 4th birthday.... buy female viagra nice for the kid nice place to make fun whit his friends

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Why do our moods fluctuate so much?

The English spelling is the proper way, The English people made the language its just when they went over to america they started spelling it the wrong way. Don't know why but then I don't know why the decided to rename Football, soccer. Its just plain retarded.

Wait, Darth Vader is Lukes father? How about a fucking spoiler alert dude.

Im already lost 70 iq, just by watching this video cheap viagra viagra Ehh, I guess I,all offer my ten cents. All the comments are pretty much just playing ring around the rosy with the actual issues. Color isn't actually why things such as slavery occur. As long as something is to be gained people will attempt to take advantage of others. Skin color just happens to be a good excuse. It's core human behavior. If you wish to complain blame that.

This is just to good.


Can blind people dream?

Simply type "Race and IQ charts" into Google Images to see the data.

whats the science of life AKA Whats the meaning of life

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I don't have a snooze button. But I do turn the alarm off and go back to bed. I wake up a full 2 hours before I have to be at work. It only takes 15 minutes to walk to work. That's an hour and 45 minutes to sleep. My alarm wakes me at 9:30 am and I go back to sleep and usually wake back up by 10 am or maybe a little later. Now that I know about the sleep schedule I think that I'm still performing it because I'm not using the snooze. I usually feel really good when I get up this way. cheap levitra online for Gucci Sunglasses;

I find it interesting that there is no discernible democratic tendency in the everyday workers cheap viagra viagra 3.THEN you'll get started with 200!!!!

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Why do we have periods?

So should you go to sleep earlier if you want to get up earlier? cheap viagra viagra

No, it isn't. I forget what it is exactly, but the average global human IQ is about 90 I believe. 100 is indeed the rough global average White IQ. And I have mentioned Northeast Asians. And no, they don't have an average IQ over 120. But yes, a couple Northeast Asian countries do indeed have slightly higher average IQs than White European countries. And no, that doesn't go against my arguments. Please don't respond to my comments. I'm already overloaded with retards. cheap herbal viagra viagra 2. SIGN up (no personal info needed) and put the BONUS CODE ''easy26'' during sign up

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617 people are too short for the roller coaster

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Coolest dad ever!! Wonder what he'll do when they turn 13?

A little sketchy?

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cheap viagra viagra No, which is why the people that made this video say that the smart have to lower their IQs.


People who ask "Can I ask you a question?"... Didn't give me a choice there, did ya sunshine?

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Remember Me?

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