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October 05, 2012, 07:49

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Why does cat always land on their feet

The snooze button is my best friend

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That one has been answered in some videos , ask youtube ;) buy cymbalta

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I heard the rebels forced their way in with lightsaber the size of a box cutter buy cymbalta bit.ly/WAYYtA?=g8fghjg5

PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION! Does walking a mile give you the same benefit has running a mile? Because yeah, you work harder when running, but it takes shorter than walking. Whereas walking requires less energy, but it takes longer to do it. Get it? It's kinda hard to explain. THANKS! (btw this is my fourth time trying to get this comment right because I kept on hitting the "done" button by accident. Ignore all my other comments!

how did people forget about that imperial officer that confronted admiral tarkin and said they should abandon the deathstar? why...was he in such a hurry to leave the deathstar? possibly he was in on it.


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nah...no snooze button for me, it makes it worse....I just get up & get it over with buy cymbalta

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buy cymbalta i think you are the stupid one :)

Discount omg that kids so happy. lock up the parents take away the kid and their rights. thats should fix the problem Pharmacy Price

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I saw the Nexus too.... :) buy cymbalta

Why is it when British people sing, it sounds American? buy line viagra where good for you.

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So Asian babies would have had the highest IQ? :O

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If they invent an opposite pill then they would deserve a Nobel Prize!

Why are dogs obedient while cats do what they please?

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tgdaily com/general-science-brief/6478­0-500-trillion-watt-laser-shot­-decimates-previous-record uk viagra sales awesome....you go dad

a rather high proportion of whites are capable of invention and a large proportion of whites have....hence the world you enjoy now....i know you're indoctrinated to hate white people and it makes you feel better rather than inadequate, which you are but whites have the right to hate back.....especially as you cant control yourselves and can start with the violence at a drop of a hat...... buy cymbalta bit.ly/WAYYtA?=g8fghjg5

Lol I should prob go to sleep....

Can I go live with them? What a great dad! I wonder if he's married. LOL!

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Remember Me?

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