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October 23, 2012, 19:04

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Is mike the chicken real

▲✔▲✔▲✔Además no es tan malo vivir solo. Yo la paso bien, decidiendo a cada instante lo que quiero hacer, y gracias a la soledad me conozco; algo fundamental para vivir

yeah, low iq means your mind picks up non-trivial and menial things to think about since they're neither curious nor interested in knowledge & so they have opinion on things that don't matter to them whatsoever.

And yes, people are indeed cannibalized in the streets of Liberia. VICE did a horrific documentary on it called "The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia" hosted here on Youtube. buy discount cialis

Finally!! A truth movement I can fully support and stand behind!! ebay + cialis Dude, you've been in gave for the past.. what.. 35 years? :D

That kid is having so much fun lol, thats awesome. That kid will probably grow up loving rollercoasters though ;) buy discount cialis No thanks. I'll just keep calling Scotty. "Beam me up".

how can some people breath and sing at the same time ?

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Do you is a crossword?


It's funny how many people do not get that this is a satire.

Tesla's essay on WMD's buy discount cialis

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Hell no don't even think about making a video about that buy discount cialis That's cool as all get out

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Is this actually serious? Lol

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that rocks :p buy viagra and cilas What makes people attracted to other people?

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Since George Lucas copied everything from Nikola Tesla. Maybe you should look into Tesla.

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@kent990 Hi so bored today

You must have taken the MinusIQ, congrats you have down syndrome

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could you come and build one of these in my backyad generic levitra @jim816 Oh so bored today

Actually he doesn't sound like a 10 year old girl. You're just like people at school that think they're "cool" because they say inaproppriate words and are selfish to others. And by the way, every individual person thinks differently than everyone else in the world. buy discount cialis This video does not even touch on the involvement that Obi-Wan Kenobi had

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