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October 23, 2012, 19:04

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Why do people have colored skin and some dont

How can we see color.

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN who almost died flying kites in a Thunderstorm. I didn't see any "Kites" in Star Wars.

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Just use alcohol. It may not reduce the IQ permanently (you'll need regular doses) but as a bonus you decrease your life span significantly, thus increasing the chance of NOT becoming smarter in the future. Furthermore it may make women appear more attractive than they actually are, but you will have to cover some side effects with a certain blue pill. ebay + cialis Cool

Atheists, bible thumpers, and conspiracy theorists arguing on a Star Wars parody video. I've heard about this part of you tube. buy discount cialis She'll be telling her grandkids about what her dad built for her!

Really helpful! I love ur vids!

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Excellent loved it well done and yet so true Im a believer hahaha

Chances are that Vader and the emperor may be driven by something more than just the desire for control over the vast tracts of the universe. Vader cannot personally control hundreds if not thousands of workers, so what incentives does he provide for them to work on the death star? Money? buy discount cialis

the music is way to loud...

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Can blind people dream?

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So I gotta ask, how did the torpedoes do a 90 degree turn into the shaft? That's never made sense to me. cheap deal viagra I have a question- how did the world start/we come to earth?

If George Lucas ever saw this video, he'd probably shit his pants cause someone finally revealed the truth! buy discount cialis do you see kid like this 1 on a real roller coaster ?

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This is why I never replaced my alarmed clock after I killed it. buy viagra and cilas for Gucci Sunglasses;

Sarcasm lvl: brilliant. buy discount cialis gaining IQ doesn't automatically make one more tolerant. that's the point.

Seems legit

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I'm not religious, but I think only a pathetic person would make an effort to go out of the way to insult religious people. Tools.

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Haha hilarious

If I wanted to lose my IQ I'd just listen to lil' wayne. buy discount cialis

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Tesla "Back to the Future" car is "Electric". Powered by a Nuclear-Magnetic (Electric) Motor, and a 1.21 Terrawatt Lighting Strike. The Lighting (Cosmic Rays) react with the nuclear material, releasing Trillions of Watts in order to Teleport. In Tesla's words, ahead in time, not back in time.

Well, that sucks tho, in a few years the roller coaster will be too heavy for him :(

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