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July 24, 2012, 22:19

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Cool. I want to play frogger... on the motorway.

That White colonialism caused all of the problems in the world is anti-White propaganda. Whites clearly had a net positive effect on most of the countries they colonized. Even Obama's half-brother admitted as much. Black African countries that were never really touched by Whites (like Ethiopia) are even worse off than the black African countries that were (like South Africa). Low-IQ blacks clearly need the guiding hand of the White Man in order to develop. buy viagra online in australia

I love this haha,  awesome comments buy nexium What makes us left handed right handed or ambidextrous?

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Accent*... expectations*... And envious* is what I believe you meant. Also a few commas and a period or two wouldn't hurt. Hell, maybe I need this pill. You sir (or ma'am), do not.


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Definitely dad of the year!!

This is why I never replaced my alarmed clock after I killed it.


Where can I order a -50? I'll need about two of those, that way I can be 180 again

In all fairness - the documentary is clearly set after RotJ -- note how the voice over mentions that the "family" is obsessed with ruling the galaxy, details of Leia being Luke's sister was not even revealed to her until RotJ, and would not have been public knowledge in the SW universe until much later...

Yeah, like that "edited" footage that Greedo shot at Han Solo first. I mean... WTF! How can I believe anything I see anymore? ;) buy viagra online in australia

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Do they really expect us to believe that a handful of rebels and unadvanced Ewoks could take out the stormtroopers and take down the shield generator? I've heard that the stormtroopers were ordered to purposely miss their targets when fighting the rebels. 

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hahaha you idiot!

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could you come and build one of these in my backyad

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Actually it was, according to the script. There was a different actor in the briefing scene as opposed to Denis Lawson in the battle buy sale viagra Hemingway might have been on to something when he said

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where does our consciousness go when we sleep?

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