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February 03, 2013, 16:21

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Now I don't know who I can trust

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where exactly does the bible fit in any of this? buy viagra online in uk Nikola Tesla adopted this vision of an "original medium" that fills space and compared it to Akashia, light carrying ether. In his unpublished paper in 1907 "Man's greatest achievement," he wrote this original medium, a kind of force field, becomes matter when Prana, cosmic energy, acts on it, when the action ceases, matter returns to Akasha. Since this medium fills all of space, everything that takes place in space can be referred to it.

How does a dream begin or end


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Why do dogs have an extra nail of its side of their paw?

like being annoyed by a race or gays or simply jealous of your neighbour's wife/car & enjoy to gossip on it.


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Watch my video on my couch freestyle . Its me rapping on my couch ..

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That's awesome. I see a physics major in the works (roller coaster designers use physics)

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And five lies you have made.

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Next thing you know, they'll be saying he made out with his sister.

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