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February 03, 2013, 16:21

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must be nice being a high priced hooker.

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nah...no snooze button for me, it makes it worse....I just get up & get it over with


I dont know about making a schedule but the most amount of Time I can sleep is 8 hours so is that how long my sleep cycle is?

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Hahha this is funny. I find this actually have so many hidden plots. Or maybe Im just overlooking into this but it's funny nonetheless

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Great dad! 

He's a sub-mariner all right, with his brain under water.

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Nope. IQ tests have been designed to remove any kind of cultural bias. As to the accusation that they're somehow tailored towards Whites and against non-Whites, how does one explain Northeast Asians having slightly higher IQs than Whites? And no, there's absolutely no evidence to support the completely absurd idea that the cognitive abilities of all racial groups is exactly the same. We've identified hundreds of genetic mutations separating White brains from black brains. viagra and cialis and JEWISH ZIONIST BLACK GAY AGENDA REPITILLIAN PROPAGANDA!!!11!!!!

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that is so awsome

are you aware? are you aware that you are aware?


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buy viagra online in uk why dont you make some more of the "your brain on drugs" videos? id like to see one on MDMA and amphetamines, but theres so many others. and discuss the possible neurotoxicity of them too you could even revisit alcohol for that, and the debate on weather or not marijuana (cannabinoids) are neurotoxic or neuroprotective. 

Do your own research. Wake up, man!

Was the child the test subject!?

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