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November 24, 2012, 05:09

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Skywalker = George Herbert Walker Bush Jr. (Curious George) who was often caught in Tesla's labs stealing things

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Why are right handed or left handed..?

Very thorough indeed. LOL!

Awww thats cool

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So they found a way to sell "drugs" legal now...lol


@eugene747 Hi nice to see you again....still struggling with my modeling career actually :(

that tree looks like a safety hazard...

Alderaan, not Aldebran.

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Best. Dad. Ever. cialis super active review Can you imagine that kids B day parties?

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lol. great commercial!

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Only Nikola Tesla's Inventions of "Directed Energy Weapons" can turn 600 Miles of Steel, All of the Toilets, All of the Elevators, All 1000 Filing Cabinets to Dust on-the-way-down. Check my channel.

i guess ur aware now that its a joke but "and many"???? lol

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Remember Me?

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