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November 24, 2012, 05:09

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why does frogger die when he jumps in water?

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How come when some people yawn, there will be years present in their eyes?

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But I love the feeling of waking up and getting to go back to sleep before having to get up, either way I'm going to be waking up like 4 hours earlier than usual so it matters not.

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@ivan272 Hi I was just checking my dad browser history really...I am pretty sure I'm the only woman watching this video, lol

you must get pretty pissed off when someone tells a joke then.

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yea I need to stop looking like a troll, your totally right. does watermelon have viagra effect Yes, the Tesla 9/11 Conspiracy.

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yesssss now we all can be like americans!!!! cialis super active review Because of this I am now going to bed at 8 ish lol

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Where is the 100 thumbs up button?

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Hahaha that so amazing


That video made my day

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dogs need to stop raping our children! buy viagra online india Cultural priorities can explain differences.

its a crime against humanity!


That is the coolest thing that I have ever seen.

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Remember Me?

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