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July 30, 2012, 07:45

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How do some people become near-sighted or far-sighted and why do some people have almost perfect vision their whole life without glasses or contacts?

Lil wayne is the voice of a generation and a musical pioneer & pitbull is the living spirit of popular music nowadays. i find this video to be utterly tasteless & arrogant. you cannot judge other people taste and belittle it, becuase it their PERSONAL taste *le conspiring hands*


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And down with the empire!!! Lol

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Brilliant video! Thanx.

What is life?

Why do we laugh?

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Wedge Antilles was played by two actors. The one in the briefing room got himself fired before they filmed the cockpit scenes. viagra uk cheap purchase buy Go back to sleep, sheeple.

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Voice over says no "combat training" -- that is different to flying a ship, and different to hunting.

@clinton203 Hi there I was just checking my brother browser history actually...I bet I'm the only woman watching this video, lol buy in online uk viagra

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Looks like something phineas and ferb would make buy in online uk viagra Great!!!

What do dreams actually mean?

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Yeah, he also keeps calling Alderan Aldebran

how did people forget about that imperial officer that confronted admiral tarkin and said they should abandon the deathstar? why...was he in such a hurry to leave the deathstar? possibly he was in on it.

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So people who watch MTV and listen to lil Wayne are dumb. Actually I think u are wright. shipping viagra to australia And white people are murdering children with guns a little too often here in America. Though these are facts, they don't represent the entire culture. I don't go around murdering children just like blacks don't go around eating people.

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Sometimes I flinch or jump when I am about to fall asleep, why?

Yup. Most likely George H. Bush...

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Remember Me?

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