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September 02, 2012, 09:42

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Ask your mother.

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@allan983 Hey so bored today

As to differences in measured racial IQ, it is probably cultural. Some cultures embrace learning while others shun it. IQ is pliable, in that constant exercise of the mind does increase IQ.

Im not sure, but I think this douche just offended me.

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This video is amazing! buying viagra No it still isnt a valid question. But even if we disagree on that, if you actually think that ghoasts are a question to be taken seriously you are also an idiot. Now stop being such a softy about it. "You should never be that rude to someone who is simply asking a question" you sound like a 10 year old girl. Stop being such a pussy and trying to control how nice people are and grow a pair.

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1) The center for balance is in your ears. There are these tiny canals, which contain water like materia. When you spin that matter spin too, but when you stop it is still spinning because of the gravity and the force. So even if you stopped spinning the brain will still think you're spinning so you'll feel dizzy.

and if you read through the comments, the majority of them are written by the kind of idiots who this video is bashing... you know, id take the pill right now...

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That's so cute.. Awesome kid, awesome dad.



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Remember Me?

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