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December 26, 2012, 02:13

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A little sketchy?

What is

How does the bible make you stupid? If anything, it makes you smarter. buy viagra online paypal vipps

do you wear a helmet on a real roller coaster? viagra free trial offer Then don't bother responding my comment if you don't care bitch.

The video was going great until you bashed racists. It's especially ironic that you did so while making a video about lowering your IQ. The average black Sub-Saharan African IQ is about 70 (the IQ score you selected for absolute morons, remember?) and the average brown "hispanic" IQ is about 80. In comparison, the average White IQ is about 100. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news for the ignorant and brainwashed libtards jacking off to this video, but that's a scientific validation of racism... buy viagra online paypal vipps 2. 99NFL. com--the Cheapest NFL site!

Haha.. I liked that bullshit! :D

Yeah you try it maby you'll be liking the fact to be stupid overall it's an a very stupid idea... Lower your iQ.. What?!

Hamill's character is a fucking terrorist and George Lucas' writing deserves a trip to Guantanamo. His best film was THX-1138 by FAR.

I agree with @peachbliss09 why do people laugh when tickled but,itz impossible to tickle your self? Please answer this! :) buy viagra online paypal vipps Stupid people aka Obama voters

It's what any kid would want, way to go!

@virgil421 Oh so bored today

The two meters came from the "Official/Authorized" report.


Look they now have a Disneyland in Mexico

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Reminds me of my dad, he built me a 20 foot treehouse in the big oak tree in our front yard. Man, I miss my childhood. What a great dad... You can clearly see the love he has for his child. price of viagra 77cheap. com----The Cheapest Shopping site !!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes I flinch or jump when I am about to fall asleep, why? buy viagra online paypal vipps ▲✔▲✔▲✔One way or anotHeres what I do,, I think we are all destined to learn the same lessons in life. Universal truths are universal truths. They cannot be changed

I sleep for 6 hours every night period.

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I WANT A ROLLERCOASTER i wish i had a dad lol sadness

for Louis Vuitton Handbag;

I love your videos. Just wanted to say that.

I think it looks a little dangerous, but AWESOME! So long as the kid is strapped in, the child should be fine. It's awesome to see a parent spending TIME with and on their child, and for putting in a LOT of extra effort to see them happy. :) buy viagra online paypal vipps

Very serious problem guaranteed cheapest viagra Very thorough indeed. LOL!

awwwwww this is soooo cute :)... father of the year no doubt buy viagra online paypal vipps I have an IQ of about 130-140. This is actually the real reason for my former drug abuse and alcoholism at 20 years old. It wasn't a conscious decision, but, very much so, my subconscious gravitation towards drugs and alcohol was for this reason; to become part of a majority. After quitting abruptly a year ago, suddenly, my friends were stupid and I completely detached from their lives. True story. Sadly, I'm socially retarded and consequentially have no friends once again.

Nice one Graham,

▲✔▲✔▲✔Not knowing is not a problem, not wondering is. Life’s a marathon, not a sprint.

What is dark matter? And why does it exist

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Remember Me?

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