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June 11, 2012, 07:08

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I thank thats cool dad u have alot of talent, but dont forget the helmet on the next go round


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Tesla Misc Inventions: Cosmic Rays, Plasma, Ball Lighting, Neutrino, Ether, Fusion, Faster-than-Light, Interplanetary Communications, Teleportation, Matter/Thought Projection, Invisibility, Mind Control, Healing Devices, Cosmic Ray Motor, 1931 Elecric Car, Electric Arc Aircraft, TV machine, Recording Devices, Gravity Motor, Metal Analyzer, Underground Locator, Translator device, Flying Machine

Njdx1 probably had no childhood haha. How sad

Why do you have knots in your hair when you wake up

Lol I should prob go to sleep....

And yes, people are indeed cannibalized in the streets of Liberia. VICE did a horrific documentary on it called "The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia" hosted here on Youtube.

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Why do we yawn when we see someone else yawn?

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Intelligence Quotient.

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Dr. Puharich reveals details about the castration and work of his fellow Serbo-Croatian-American scientist, Nikola Tesla! Conspiracy confirmed to blackball Tesla, isolate Tesla, eliminate Tesla from the 7 engineering schools in US and ban Nikola Tesla from the media. /watch?v=w3R4mUvgkTM

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Nice try, dumbass. :)

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