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June 11, 2012, 07:08

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The Emperor = Prescott Bush (George Herbert Walker Scherff Sr's (Father)) funded Hitler

This guy has the Matrix album. Same songs plus I have it too. :3

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Why do you throw up or get sick on planes?

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Coolest DAD every

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Brilliant! I love it.

I know, right? Alderbron? Sounds like the name of a sanitary wipe. From the 80s.

Why do we have nightmares?

Best dad ever! I wish I was your son!

Just use alcohol. It may not reduce the IQ permanently (you'll need regular doses) but as a bonus you decrease your life span significantly, thus increasing the chance of NOT becoming smarter in the future. Furthermore it may make women appear more attractive than they actually are, but you will have to cover some side effects with a certain blue pill.

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How many of those 50 pills did ur company take because ur all stupid ass idiots


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I hope the kid has a seatbelt on!

is the pill a book called the bible?

Only downside I see... kid's gonna grow up a thrillseeker and not stop till they do freejumping off bridges! xD

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Remember Me?

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