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June 11, 2012, 07:08

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Actually R2D2 wasn't built by Anakin

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617 people are too short for the roller coaster

What does it really come down to, god or aliens?

Wait, Darth Vader is Lukes father? How about a fucking spoiler alert dude. buy viagra online pharmacy 4) Cats land on their feet because of the so called cat rifhting reflex. The moment it start falling towards the ground it automaticaly turns towards its feet. Why? For starters they have unsually flexible backbone and no fuctional collarbone. So their back is basically like a rubber, very flexible. When? The minimum requed high for this to happen have to be around 30cm.

Not necessarily. Don't forget that satire tends to exaggerate for comic effect.

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Just wanted to say this is the 5th time I've watched this. I'm going to keep watching it until I stop laughing. Will keep you updated.

Do adult teeth ever fall out? How much damage would have to happen? Or.. How much would you have to not brush/clean them before they fell out?

I love it but i'm not sure whether he's being sarcastic or not

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The true, true brilliance of this video is that it shows just how incredibly easy it is to convince people of ANYTHING. From 911 conspiracies to the theory of evolution: just start with a preconceived idea, connect a few dots, and let people’s imaginations fill in the blanks.  buy viagra online pharmacy

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How does tv affect the brain? How do video games affect it?

NEWS FLASH! This Video is MOCKING ALL OF YOU "TRUTHER" NUTTS! Some of you are amazingly DUMB not to figure this out!

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