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June 11, 2012, 07:08

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Yes i did notice that most of the worlds population is stupid. I also noticed that most of them spend there time on youtube writing dumb comments.

Why do we have body hair???

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Are there more then one universe buy later now pay viagra Hahha this is funny. I find this actually have so many hidden plots. Or maybe Im just overlooking into this but it's funny nonetheless

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Do one about anger and anger management

is this for real? how about the guy presenting this video take the pill? he should lower his IQ...smh

Science of twins buy viagra online pharmacy I saw the Nexus too.... :)

@jerome592 Oh so bored today

Then, we'll all go right ahead and elect and re-elect the same corrupt politicans who keep us all divided, keep screwing us over, and keep getting us into wars and fights we never wanted in the first place! After that, we'll all go politicize geek vids on YouTube! It'll be great! Great Idea, Limey! Luv It!

"How to get over loving somebody, without dating someone else"

Go back to sleep, sheeple.

What part of our brain's make us do stupid things

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Intelligence Quotient. cheap prescription viagra without What is this Alderbran you speak of? It's Alderaan dude.

]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] buy viagra online pharmacy I got a question. Ate you gay?

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whats the science of the cinnamon challenge

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Actually it does. I would never move to a country with a low GDP per capita. And yes, black standards of living did soar after they were brought over here as slaves in virtually every way you want to measure. It's just taboo to admit that life as a slave in the USA wasn't really all that bad. Nor was it really all that bad under racial segregation. Especially compared to the hellish living conditions in much of Sub-Saharan Africa. cialis no prescription ☆¨¯`☆¸.☆¨¯`☆¸¸.☆☆¨¯`☆¸¸.☆¯`☆­¸­¸.☆

for Coach Sunglasses;nfl mlb nhl nba jerseys. buy viagra online pharmacy If I take the -50pill will most of these youtube comments start to make sense?

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Tesla & Colorado Experiment, 1893 - named "Ground Zero" buy viagra online pharmacy How do we day dream?


Intelligence is not just a number based on IQ test, it goes a lot more deep. There are more studies that have to carried out to find out in detail.


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Remember Me?

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