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July 01, 2012, 10:54

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Haha hilarious

I find it interesting that there is no discernible democratic tendency in the everyday workers

Well that's awesome

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Really, then why is every device in Star Wars a Nikola Tesla Invention or Patent at the Patent Office? viagra oral jelly Tesla Misc Inventions: Cosmic Rays, Plasma, Ball Lighting, Neutrino, Ether, Fusion, Faster-than-Light, Interplanetary Communications, Teleportation, Matter/Thought Projection, Invisibility, Mind Control, Healing Devices, Cosmic Ray Motor, 1931 Elecric Car, Electric Arc Aircraft, TV machine, Recording Devices, Gravity Motor, Metal Analyzer, Underground Locator, Translator device, Flying Machine

what does "quiet the pickle" mean? buy viagra online u Alderaan, not Aldebran.

You should do a video on how we react to kissing

Loews gift cards for .Why would I even think about shopping anyplace else

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Lol at the satire

If u made everyone stupid then we wouldn't get anywhere. Why not make one that raises is. We could do so much

Holy shit!

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this kid should be wearing a helmet, that turn by the tree is dangerous! tsk tsk :( cheap viagra online canada Yeah, like that "edited" footage that Greedo shot at Han Solo first. I mean... WTF! How can I believe anything I see anymore? ;)

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▲✔▲✔▲✔Still, he figured, sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do, and then sometimes you've just got to run like hell after it's done.

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for NIKE Shoes;

Fuck that shit D:

Killing six flags

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I have the sleep cycle app. Since you move differently in different parts of you sleep cycle, it wakes you up when your body is already about to wake up within the thirty minute window you set it for. I love it, it's super easy to wake up in the morning and I don't feel like crap the rest of the day. (I also turn my phone on airplane mode to prevent cellular radiation) viagra suppliers in the uk I dont understand, this video is far too deep for me. No, really, I dont understand. Can anyone explain?

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hahaha you idiot!

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Remember Me?

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