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July 19, 2012, 16:17

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what the heck XD

I No-oze!

Actually he doesn't sound like a 10 year old girl. You're just like people at school that think they're "cool" because they say inaproppriate words and are selfish to others. And by the way, every individual person thinks differently than everyone else in the world.

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That was the coolest and cutest thing!!! buy viagra online uk Someone please tell me what this songs name is.

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Tesla & Tunguska, 1908 - "Ground Zero"

This video is brilliant.

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Why is breastfeeding better for the baby?

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This video is for X-Wing political nuts! amazon viagra I HAVE A SCIENCE QUESTION!!! If the Flash were a real person/superhero, what would an object the size and weight of a man moving at near light speed do to the Earth's atmosphere?

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This is A joke you idiots... Maybe I need to take one myself buy in online uk viagra Always bringing up Football vs Soccer its the same game different name.

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I understand the feeling, believe me.

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I'm not religious, but I think only a pathetic person would make an effort to go out of the way to insult religious people. Tools.

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Why are we scared of bugs if we are way bigger than them?

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........ buy viagra cheaply Google "Chewbacca", Chewbacca is Wookie (the supposedly enslaved race that built the deathstar) and he can be seen in footage of the rebel's victory celebration after they destroyed the deathstar where the droid that Anakin created can also be seen. Looks like more than a conquincidence to me. Something tells me this conspiracy goes far back, possibly before the deathstar was even built.

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As opposed to atheists who are the most polite people in the world - especially towards Christians...


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Remember Me?

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