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July 19, 2012, 16:17

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Why do we day dream?

Awesome video

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Have you ever wondered which hurts the most: saying something and wishing you had not, or saying nothing, and wishing you had?

awwwwww this is soooo cute :)... father of the year no doubt

Best. Dad. Ever.

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how can some people breath and sing at the same time ?



hehehe. he told you to "turn of the video and carry on with your life"

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Most people really are moronic, Lil Wayne is just a popular moron.

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Since there's only one thing ;;of a certain thing, it will taste like the one thing.

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The statement that blacks haven't accomplished much is actually a widely believed statement that is mostly false. Have you heard of the Ghana, Mali, or Songhai Empires? These are empires that existed in Western Africa from 830-1600 that were massively wealthy and traded with the Islam civilizations, each other, and the Europeans. Timbuktu was a religious center for muslims. The trade in those empires created trade networks and brought people from many cultures together.

This must be what angry grandpa takes

I laughed at the guy because they insisted that their preferred way of spelling was the right way instead of considering local differences in spelling.

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Why is the music so loud?

Derp... That's part of what makes it so funny.

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Remember Me?

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